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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Open Letter:  October 02, 2014

For Martha Coakley, Attorney General
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
You are my hero.
             When I heard you talk about your brother Edward and how he died needlessly, I knew that at last someone understood what it’s like not to be able to communicate. Over the past few years you helped me get the document that so many others in your office have denied or suppressed – the proof that I was robbed of my livelihood to satisfy the interests of corrupt prosecutors and tainted witnesses.  And, how those corrupt officials had such wanton disregard for human life that they caused over 200 desperately sick patients who, like Edward, were unable to speak for themselves, to be forced from care to die or to commit crimes – to cost the State millions just to advance the careers of conspirators who were at the time in the Office of the Medicaid Fraud Prosecutor, the Board of Registration in Medicine, and even my own attorney who was suborned to commit perjury to keep the judge’s order suppressed and gain more favorable treatment for future cases. 
             When I heard you talk about Edward, I started to piece together the evidence we need to bring these miscreants to justice – or to consider other options --- like helping those who still suffer rather than subjecting a very long list of professional people to a draconian exposé.
             In honor of Edward and all that he stands for, I plan to found a not for profit organization to give Edward his voice for all time: The Voice of Edward will have a mission to promote effective medical care and legal protection for all the Edwards who suffer with depression, and other conditions that impair communication – the alcoholics and drug addicts that I helped until ignorance and greed stopped me, and the post trauma and concussion patients who are unable to express their own pain.
             But above all you are OUR hero.  You know that immense power comes from the bottom of the pyramid, while those at the top have lost the capacity to govern.  You will bring a new awareness to the electorate -- an edict in destiny to replace fear and shame with treatment and education. To give those who were doomed to struggle the power to earn and thrive.
             I will soon record and publicize a message announcing that The Voice of Edward will launch as soon as our status becomes legally compliant.  Since it has been several months since you designated Mr. Bedrosian to head an investigation, I will also send him a copy along with the identities and evidence of the conspirators who deserve his scrutiny.
             May God bless the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and her governor-to-be.

William A. Rohde, M.D., M.B.A., M.Sc.

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